I’ve loved the idea of taking pictures since I was a little girl. In high school and college I took photography classes and I loved it. However, I never took them serious enough. Lots of pictures were taken but little was learned about how my camera works and how to get it to do what I want.

Fast forward 15 plus years and I’m still in the same predicament with a new level of unknown with digital photography. This convenient way of taking pictures is wonderful but brought with it a new dark room, Photoshop.

I’ve decided to start this blog in order to document my progress with understanding my camera and Photoshop. Starting with a 365 day photography challenge where I post a new picture every day for an entire year.

Thanks for stopping by, my hope is that this place will evolve with time.

Feel free to contact me at aprildanyel@gmail.com



One thought on “About

  1. Karl and I enjoyed looking through your pictures. Wow. You could probably sell some of them to a magazine and make thousands. Seriously, they are good. I discovered this site when I was thinking of you and went to your other site. I love that you keep creating and you are a doer (whereas I am more of a planner…). Keep up the great work!

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