Teeny Tiny Baby Parts Are So Cute

Ok that sounds bad. But really, it’s true. One thing that I have been meaning to incorporate into my newborn sessions is a collage of up close baby pictures featuring different parts of the body. I have it on my list of poses for every newborn session I do but for some reason I always forget. Like every time. Ha! 

This last session I remembered. However it was harder than I expected. It was hard to figure out a good composition for say an ear or maybe a knee. Feet, that’s easy but shoulder or neck; not so much. I tried a few times but couldn’t really come up with much interesting. In the end I just did some cropping of my regular images. I kept my eyes scanning all the pictures, including the out takes for body parts in focus. Choosing a square ratio I scanned the images looking for a good composition and ended up with 9.

Not a ton of variety here but each little square is sweet and I think they work well together. I am hoping it will get easier as time goes on and will keep trying. 


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