Learning about Focus Lock

In my last post about focus issues I talked a little about my issue with getting focus right when using bubbles. I would use my focus point and put it on the eye of the subject but when bubbles were blown the focus would often change to the bubbles. After a session turned out to be very blurry, I tried one with my kids, this time using focus lock to see if it would make a difference.

In this first picture, even though I was focused on the eye of my son, the bubble came out in focus  instead of his face. That is because some of the bubble moved in front of his eye and so it changed focus to the bubble instead. bubbles-1-of-5

These next two picture I was able to lock the focus by pushing the button on my manual/auto focusing switch. Even though the some bubbles are right on his face the focus stayed.


I soon realized that if the subject isn’t still, this wont work. My daughter was uncomfortable with the bubbles coming near her face and moved right out of focus.


For this last one, I asked my son to try really hard to hold still and just move his arms. With that instruction he looks a little stiff but I was able to keep the focus pretty well.


Nothing scientific but it was fun experimenting and learning more about my camera.



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