Still Learning

There is nothing worse than coming home from a session and thinking that everything went great only to find out something went very wrong. That is how it was with this session. I came home, excited to upload the pictures and  I almost started to cry. There was only 3 sharp pictures. With so many good poses and happy faces, it broke my heart that I would have to break it to the mama. I sucked up my pride and made the text and scheduled another session for a couple days later. Not wanting to let all those great poses with happy faces go to waste I tried to salvage as many as I could and was able to bring quite a few back to life. This first picture is one that I tried my best with but as you can see is quite blurry. The next three you cant tell as much. Finally, the last four are from the second session.

I learned two things with this session.

The first is that when shooting a young wiggly child at F2.8 it is crucial that you have focus spot on. In the first picture you can clearly see that the focus is on the chair right behind her. I had the focus point on her eye when I pushed the shutter the first time but she was rocking and the next time it moved to the chair because I  didn’t move the focus point. With that I learned that there are different ways to set your auto focus and that it might serve me research those options a bit.

The second thing I learned was the importance of using focus lock when using bubbles. We had taken multiple bubble shots but the focus kept going to the bubbles not the baby’s eye. I will talk about that more with a different post.

Now have a look at this adorable 1 year old.





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