A Gender Reveal

You can only imagine how fun this was to photograph. When the mama to be contacted me about photographing a gender reveal with her children I talked her into getting in on the surprise too. Hubby was not having it and so we decide to use it to our advantage and everything came together beautifully.

So, Mama and Papa went to the ultra sound together but only daddy left knowing the sex of their baby. It sounded to me that mama was pretty sure it was a boy. This may have been why she was willing to wait to find out. Later that evening we traveled to the local college and started shooting.

gender-reveal-1-of-9 I loved the idea of balloon. They add so much to this picture.

So… Daddy walked a little ways away from the rest of his family with both sets of balloons. Mama and the kids turned around and daddy started approaching from behind.

gender-reveal-2-of-9 I was trying to build up the anticipation a little by using comments like “Oh my goodness!” and “He’s getting close. No peeking!” When he was right behind them I had the them close their eyes and turn around. Then I did a one two three or ready set open your eyes kind of thing as I repositioned myself. And…

gender-reveal-3-of-9 Ack. So much fun. Then came a ton of candids and after the energy level lowered enough, we set aside the blue balloons and walked around for some family portraits.

Please. Someone. Anyone. Ask me to photograph a gender reveal for you. It was so much fun!!


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