Some More Practice

 For the month of October I decided to send out a plea for some families to let me practice taking pictures with them. I had a free evening each week of the month and decided to go for it. This has been such a stretch for me. 

Over the summer I tried to put two weeks between sessions but it seems like this month I will have at least two each week. Sheesh. 

With the craziness of our school week schedule, being over tired because of late night and early seminary run mornings, and regular household duties I get to complete on my own since all the kids are in school, I have had very little time to prepare for these sessions. Relying on my learned skills, instincts, a ton of faith to get me through. 

This little family was such a joy. There was one little hitch though. Neither of the kids spoke much English. Ha! Oh and neither wanted to look at the camera. Haha! They were so fun though. And we did capture some keepers. I miss having two littles running around. 



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