Sacred Ground

weatherston-1-of-1 I know this picture doesn’t look like much but for a new mama with a struggling tiny baby, these doors might just have a special significance.

I was beyond honored to be invited to pass through these doors, past the front desk, where I washed my hands and dressed into a yellow robe in preparation to walk the sacred halls and visit the particular corner of a certain room where a little baby resides, doing his very best to stay awake long enough to finish his bottle so he could go home.

I was there to take pictures but was given so much more. I got to hold this little guy and do my best to keep him awake enough, in my unfamiliar hold, to swallow just a little more formula. I got to tickle and wiggle his tiny toes and rub his bare legs to annoy him just enough so he doesn’t doze off to dream land with his bottle still in his mouth.

weatherston-1-of-1-2 weatherston-1-of-6

Then feeling defeated we decided to take a few pictures before I had to run off, with milk still sitting on his lips.

weatherston-6-of-6weatherston-2-of-6 While he looks so peaceful, the miracle happened just a few moments later. He squawked, rested back  into his mothers arms and finished the whole bottle.

And just two days later he was home.



2 thoughts on “Sacred Ground

  1. A story which portrayed emotion beyond it’s words…Heavenly intended bond between a mother and her child…so beautiful!

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