I Am Quite Embarrassed

This last weekend I got to hang out with this soon to be mama and papa. untitled-4-of-1untitled-4-of-3untitled-5-of-3untitled-6-of-3

Since it isn’t obvious let me just tell you. There were two dogs that were suppose to be present in these pictures as well. The only thing I can say is that “I forgot?” Originally I had been only planning photos with the couple AND the dogs but then a couple of days before the mama talked about not wanting them to be the focus so I completely switched gears in my head and started planning a regular maternity session thinking that I would just let the dogs enter the picture “naturally,” whatever that means. I started out okay, including the dogs here and there but then I got distracted by all the shots that didn’t include the dogs that I never thought to add them back. It’s almost like I forgot they were there. Not sure how that can happen but it did. I will call that a total brain fail. Guess I’m not great at multitasking.

Here are the couple that I did manage to shoot. I do plan to do a little in home session to take some maternity pictures with the dogs but I am quite embarrassed.





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