Getting More Comfortable 

I am so happy for some more practice. I have this session, one this weekend, and then one yet to be scheduled and that is it for my practice sessions. 😢 I really hope I get some more opportunities to do portrait sessions. I really am starting to enjoy them. 

While preparing for this session I noticed a shift in how nervous I got. I felt more confident while preparing and could really focus and absorb what I wanted to remember. That confidence spilled over to the session as well. While it wasn’t perfect by any means, I was better able to remember my researched ideas and apply them. I actually used quite a few. Yay! I am so glad the learning process isn’t so stressful. I still have a ton to learn but I don’t feel so inadequate because of it. I actually left this session feeling energized and uplifted instead of totally exausted both mentally and physically. 


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