Fresh From Heaven

At just three days old, I got to pay a visit to this little guy and his mama. Those first couple weeks are a special time between mama, baby, and their family and I am so honored to be invited in to document the details of this little guys fresh tiny body that will change so much in the coming weeks.
What a privilege. What an honor. And could this guy get any cuter?

To prep for this session I did some more knitting/crocheting. Modeled here is some cute little crochet shorts, a smaller (almost to small) cocoon, a little crochet bow tie and bonnet in matching yarn. I also purchased a couple new wraps in taupe and off white and really loved using those. If I get to do a newborn session again I will probably pick up a couple more. They were great.

Lessons learned.

I need to study angles. I think I got lucky with what keepers I got and I didn’t get much of what I envisioned. Also, I should have brought a few burp cloths. He did a little spitting up and it would have been good to have some handy instead of sending mom off to find one.

I had a great time shooting him and was all sweaty by the time I was done. He acted much different from the last newborn I photographed, bringing different challenges and providing more lessons to be learned.



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