Photography Crafts (Cotton Edition)

With a newborn session coming up the next day I spend the evening and did some crocheting. I had some bulky super soft cotton yarn leftover in my stash and knew I wanted to make something quick and easy to add some texture to the session. Armed with a really large hook I  did my best to channel past crochet skills and made a tiny bonnet and a cocoon.

During part one of the session (see last post for details) I got to use the bonnet but wasn’t sure if the cocoon would work. However that night before part two of the session I knit up the little diaper cover with the biggest needles I had. Knitting takes much longer but I really wanted to cover up that diaper and I didn’t have enough crocheting skills to do something that was so shaped. Circles, yes. Rectangles, yes. Leg holes, hmm. With knitting though, I have plenty of that kind of experience and put this together pretty quick. And I am not at all disappointed that I didn’t have enough yarn in either the cream or the blue to make the little cover; I really love the contrast and variety the different colors add.

I really love how much these added to the session and will probably make a few more props next time I do a newborn session. Next time though, I will give myself some time and not try to make them up the night before.



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