My First In Home Newborn Session!

I am in love. Really, I could take newborn pictures every day. I loved how slow paced everything is. I loved hanging out with Mama. I loved interacting with baby, awake or asleep. It was magical, spiritual, and oh so rewarding.

This session actually happened in two parts. Since this was my first time I had no idea how it would go. I showed up with bags (yes that is plural) of props and supplies, a few printed pictures from Pinterest, and a whole lot of hope. After moving furniture and setting up a little studio in the dining room we got started and then stopped for a feeding. Started again and then stopped to soothe. Started again and then stopped for another feeding and a changing and soothing. I swear the majority of the time was spent waiting. After about and hour and half, we had about usable 4 images. Ha! Since that was all the time I had that day, we scheduled part two a couple days later.

That next session day though, I was ready. During the waiting time the first day, I prepped all the props, like put a nail in the wall to hold up the dress, stuffed the crib and had it ready, and visually prepared everything else so when I showed up, again I knew just what to do and in what order. All we had to do was wait for our little model to  get comfortable and then get right to work. It still took the entire two hours I had set aside but things went much smoother. Both Mama and I were better prepared.




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