Ready for a Shift 

For this session, we headed out to Landmark Inn in Castroville. There are quite a few spots there that would be great for pictures. 

This was the last of my scheduled session while my hubby and son were gone and to be honest I was quite relieved. While I learned so much by all these sessions, I am getting tired of the general photography mistakes. This session was no different.

Somehow, while fiddling with the buttons I managed to decrease the quality of the images to basic jpg. What!?! I still have no idea how that happened half way through a session. However, if I ever had any doubt whether I needed to be shooting in RAW or not, I now know for sure. When you shoot in RAW there is sooooo much more information on each picture allowing more editing options. Being a beginner, I need those options, and I missed them greatly. 

I still want to be available for portrait sessions and there are even a couple on the schedule, but I really need to work on my camera skills. I need to be more comfortable moving between settings and to make sure I am using them appropriately. I have to spend a lot of time in Lightroom fixing things and it would just be easier to get things closer to what I want in camera. 

I picked up a photography practice book from Amazon and think now is the time to start going through it and working on some basic photography skills. 


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