It Doesn’t Get Any Sweeter Than This

This session was on the books but as it goes with this kind of thing, you never really know when it will happen.

As it worked out, this little girl was ready for some hospital newborn picture the afternoon after my last session. 

Being honest, I wasn’t ready for it. Well, my equipment was ready but I had no idea how to take newborn pictures. I knew I wanted to make sure to document some of the location and purposely left in recognizable hospital items like the bassinet, bracelets or blankets whenever I could. However, what angles do babies look good at? It would have been good to look some of these things up. I did spend about 3 minutes in the van at the hospital parking lot looking at pictures on Pinterest but I wish I had a shot list and some sort of a plan. 

Regardless with of whether I was ready or not, I LOVED this session. Like really loved it. I got to be in the presence of a sweet sweet spirt fresh from our Heavenly Father. What an honor. Having four children of my own, I felt confident around her, not worried at all about tears or unhappy noises. It was so much fun to be I charge of wrapping, dressing/undressing, and accessorize this darling little girl all the while connecting with her beautiful mother at such a special time in their lives. 


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