Sometimes You Need to Fail in Order to Succeed

This was my lesson from this session. I loved being with this family. I loved the positive energy, kind words, and general relaxed nature between them all and it kills me that I had to learn that above lesson. I really wanted to succeed with this family but I had some important lessons to learn, and it wasn’t in the books.


1) When working with more than one young child (like under 3) I need an assistant. This can be the parents but when I am including the parents in the picture I need someone else with me.

2) Pay close attention to camera settings. Most of the images from this session were blurry. I was loosing light quickly and should have been paying attention to my shutter speed. It would have been better to have a higher ISO than an unusable picture.

3) Adjust locations based on light. This goes along with the last one. I should have found a more open spot while it was still light.

4) It is better to repose instead of the taking millions of shots in one pose trying to coax kids to look/smile at the camera. The best pictures from each pose was the first or second; continuing to take 20 or 30 more didn’t produce better faces it actually fell apart more and more. I should have just repositioned the family so kids weren’t getting restless. It would have been easy to switch a kid here or there just to keep things interesting. This would have also given me more poses to choose from.

Here are a few from the session.

See, it is an adorable family but I wish I had more pictures to offer them from this session.

The magic though is that I learned and applied these lessons. I was scared to keep my next three sessions I had lined up but I didn’t make these same mistakes and things went much smoother than any session I had had before.

In a way, I am grateful for this hard lesson. I am also so grateful for understanding and supporting friends who take a chance with a beginning photographer and are understanding when things don’t work out.


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