Feeling so Blessed

School will be starting at the end of the month and I have no idea what our schedule will be like for the upcoming school year. I have a couple sessions planned for the fall but I have no idea how much time I will have to do family sessions after this summer. I decided to take full advantage of my free evenings while my big boys are at scout camp and schedule some sessions.  5 in fact. Ack! Once they were all scheduled and I had committed, fear promptly set in. 

First up was a maternity session yesterday for a friend. I had been secretly wanting to take some pictures for her but knew that she knows photographers and I assumed she already had a session done or at least one planned and was too afraid to ask. To my surprise, when I put a plea out to my community of women looking for people to photograph, she sent me a message right away asking for a maternity session. This was both scary and exciting. This journey as a photographer has sure taught me some lessons. It’s sure is hard to put myself out there but I am so pleased, and feel so blessed to have friends who are willing to trust me to capture these milestones in life. This will be her last pregnancy and with Baby J coming within the week, there will be no time for retakes, and it makes me feel honored that she would trust me with this task. 

All my worries were for nothing though. When this beautiful woman and her darling girls showed up, I got so excited. There is no way I could mess this up too bad, I just needed to remember a few posing tips and let their beauty do the talking. 

And boy (or should I say girl) did they speak. 


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