Photography Crafts

I am a long time lover of making thing. If you don’t believe me check out my craft blog. However, over the last few years my desire to make and create daily has shifted. I no longer like to make things for the sake of making them but if I have a purpose, I will jump right in. (With caution. I seem to be so cautious these days with my time and resources. Maybe it’s part of growing up.) 

Enter the thumb drive. My hope with taking portraits was to deliver photos to Pass and let the client download high resolution pictures to their computers and print on their own. However, it’s not working like I wanted. The clients (that sound so official. Ha! Maybe I should say “my friends”) have only been able to download ones that are suitable for online sharing not large files for printing. So a solution was needed. Hopefully it is temporary but I ordered some thumb drives so I can give them high resolution files for printing. 

I could just give out the drive but that crafty side wouldn’t let me. 

I picked up some clear labels, printed out a quick logo along with another label with the name of the session so I wouldn’t get things mixed up, cut them down to size. This made them look a little more professional. I tried adding a bow to the loop in the top but it was still missing  something and decided to add some paper for a background. 


Not too bad. I am hoping that I will have Pass figured out before summer is over but for now, this works great. And I don’t mind this crafty part one little bit. 


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