Sweat Dripping off My Arm

Yep, that’s how hot it was. However terrible the heat is here in San Antonio, Texas, there sure is pretty light. All these pictures were taken in the shade and I just love how golden they seem. I can’t wait until I am better able to capture this amazing evening glow.

Pictures of this upcoming senior were to make up for the ones I forgot to take during my first session with his family. (Yes, I take a shot list with me now.) I am glad though that I got to take his pictures later. It has been fun to see how much I have been improving. Both with my camera and posing skills but also in post processing. It gives me hope for the future. It was also fun to just focus on one person and take my time to think about what I am doing. Definitely a joy.

What I learned.

While it is important to do multiple poses, it is also important to capture different facial expressions. After editing this session I went back through and realized that he had pretty much the same smile in every picture and that all the pictures looked the same. This is something I never thought of. I also now understand why photographers have you bring a change of clothes. When I looked over the session with his monosmiling (probably not a word) face, the clothes probably didn’t help with the pictures all looking the same. It would have been good to add a layer over his tee to mix things up a little.

I guess it can all be summed up by saying; variety is important.


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