One Session at a Time…

We had great hopes of heading downtown to the River Walk here in San Antonio, TX but the weather wasn’t very promising. Surprisingly though, just outside of town in our neighborhood it didn’t look so bad. Who knew weather could be so isolated. The clouds were a little thick, making it a little darker that I had hoped but because it is so hard to coordinate schedules, we decided to give the session a try in the neighborhood.  We were all prepped and ready after all. 

And I am so glad we did. 

I am starting to appreciate the ego blow that comes with these family sessions. I leave them defeated, humbled, and even a little discouraged. No matter how much I prepare. After I have dusted myself off however, I can acknowledge how far I’ve come and be grateful “that lesson” is over. With every session, for my family or for someone else’s, there are major lessons to be learned; things I hadn’t encountered before or ever considered and I just have to do my best to figure out. 

This session was no exception. But that’s ok. I watched an interview on YouTube today with a popular children and family photographer and she said it took her about 5 years to really get comfortable taking pictures for family or child sessions. 5 years. I can wait that long. I have a vision in my head of the quality of photos I would like to take; perfectly composed with beautiful intentional lighting. If my 5 years starts this summer with these most recent sessions, improving so much with each session, I think things will be ok. I can do this. One session at a time. 


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