In the Meantime…

While I did cancel my upcoming family session, I did keep a planned session with Little Miss L. I was still deciding about the new lens for family portaits but I knew my 50mm would work beautifully and couldn’t wait to take some pictures of her. 

Here are a couple from her session. 

Isn’t she just a doll. I just loved hanging out with this beauty and her mother for our session. 

What I did to prepare. 

I set up a little studio in my kitchen/dining room. It is a little nook with windows on all three sides. I hung a double layer of white sheets over one of the sides and attached my flash. My kitchen has light colored walls with white tile on the floor and a white sealings. My thought was that I would bounce some light off the sealing and would have the floor to reflect it up from the ground. I had invisioned a light that was almost angelic. 

What I learned. 

Bouncing light works. I don’t have enough experience to analyze the light in my photos but they all definitely looked better with the flash vs. without. So I will have more confidence in the future using it. I just set the flash to TTL, pointed it to the sealing, and it did the rest.  Yay! 

The next thing was what I relearned. (Yes, it takes me a few times to learn lessons.) I NEED to be prepared with a pose plan. At least for now. I had invisioned  the shot with the rocking chair but that was it. A couple hours before the session I had the idea to have the mom bring some props to make the pictures special and then right before the session, I realized my mistake about not preparing and did a quick search on Pinterest for pose ideas. It was helpful but I hadn’t settle on anything spacific and I was left to wing it. I hope I don’t make that mistake again. 

Another thing I learned and helped me make my decision about upgrading my lens, was that the 50mm lens is good but has it limits. It worked great for a couple poses but it was very limited in my small kitchen.  I needed something wider in that small space so I could get the composition I wanted. 

Up next.

I am a little nervous to see the results, but I have a session on my camera that was taken with my new lens. 


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