Getting Started in the Poppies

With some nudging from some dear friends, so much mustering of courage and a ton of humility, I am picking up my camera again with the plan to learn how to use it. This time with some real commitments.

I have realized that the thing that has been holding me back all these years is the idea that photography isn’t a family friendly hobby/job. My thought was that if I wanted to be a professional, I would have to work every weekend and evening and spend all my nights editing. I would have to become a storm chaser and drop everything as I followed the pretty light. This of course isn’t completely true.

Yes, being a photographer can mean that but it doesn’t have to.  I think the concept that changed my attitude completely was when I realized the fact that I can choose how much time, how many sessions I schedule, what locations I bring my camera with me and which I just visit to enjoy the scenery. I get to choose, and there isn’t a wrong choice. Just as long as I make the choice that is right for me and my journey.

So…I started hiring families to model for me with a promise to give them some files as payment. I decided that for the summer I could handle doing two family sessions a month. This would give me time to prepare for each session and edit it afterwards.

The last thing I wanted and really the thing that has held me back all these years was the fear that photography would interrupt family time. I am and have always been on guard and a protector of this sacred time since it all began almost 19 years ago. I feel like this new schedule honors our family time and also honors my desires to learn and grow.

So here I am, about to show you the family session that started this shift in my thinking. It was a dear friend asking and a promise to take some pictures in the poppies when they made their yearly debut.

untitled (1 of 2)

P in the Poppies 2 Sadly, other than a funny out take, these were the only keepers. The percentages could only go up right? And they did.


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