I just couldn’t resist these big wheels.

We were pleasantly surprised by the story time topic “Firefighters.” It was fun seeing the handful of preschool age boys, and girls too, get so excited. All the indoor story time pics are blurry, dark and grainy.  I’m starting to get discouraged with my progress. When I’m out taking pictures my mind focus’ on only a couple shots that I want to get (like the one above) and then it just shuts down creatively. Almost all the pics with kids were terrible, most of my angles I took of the truck are bad, and I’m just not happy with it all. I think I need to get more organized or something. Or is that just how it is? You walk away with only a couple pics you like.

For the post processing I just messed around until I was happy with how the picture looked. I don’t even remember what I did. I just knew that I wanted to see detail in the chrome.


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