This photo was the best of about 70 I took of the 11 year old Boy Scouts completing their swimming requirements. This picture is pretty sad too but I didn’t want to walk away from it and gave it a chance instead. I was shooting the silly boys at ISO 1250 and aperture priority of f/1.8, this combo of iso and aperture made it hard to get any clear crisp photos. Since the room was dark, in lightroom I lightened the picture up and then decreased the saturation of color all the way to 0 in every color other than yellow. I like the color of this photo. I think it stems from my current love of the color grey right now. The yellow adds just enough to make it seem like a color photo rather than black and white.


One thought on “20

  1. Now that I look at it again I don’t know if I like the color so much. Both subjects look a little green and its making my stomach churn a little. It also doesn’t help that that rope looks like an umbilical cord. Yuck

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